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Diabetes Awareness

Include a DPM for Diabetes Prevention & Management

2017 Diabetes Campaign LogoPodiatrists are the expert in the foot and ankle. If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should make an appointment with a podiatrist right away. Podiatrists are trained to treat foot conditions that can be caused by diabetes, such as neuropathy, infection, and ulcers. 

Be sure you're seeing the most qualified health-care professional to treat your feet by looking for the letters "DPM" after her or his name. Seeing a podiatrist for foot care can reduce amputation rates by 45 to 85 percent.

When you add a podiatrist to your health-care team, he or she can provide you with important information so you're better able to manage the effects of diabetes on your feet. If you are looking for a podiatrist in your area, check out our Find a Podiatrist tool.

Whether you've been diagnosed recently or have been fighting the disease for years, the resources below will help you to monitor your feet and prevent complications.

For Patients

For APMA Members

  • Digital Toolkit
    Access the digital toolkit here
  • Footprints Newsletter
    Download the new special diabetes-focused edition of APMA's member-to-patient newsletter.
  • The Three-Minute Diabetic Foot Exam 
    This brief exam was developed so it could be easily performed by a wide range of health-care providers.
  • Impact of Diabetes by State
    View your state's incidence of diabetes and estimated annual costs related to diabetes.
  • Therapeutic Footwear Infographic
    Dr. Comfort created this infographic to demonstrate the benefits of therapeutic footwear for patients with diabetes.
  • Diabetes Surveys and Studies
    APMA has commissioned several studies related to diabetes. Share the information in media interviews and on social media.
  • Journal Articles
    Search JAPMA Online for the latest in diabetic foot health research.

Additional Diabetes and Foot Health Resources

Find a Podiatrist

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