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Student Scholarship Fund Endowment Benefactors

Visionary - $500,000

DARCO International, Inc.
Seward P. Nyman, DPM, Memorial

Founder - $250,000

American Podiatric Medical Association and APMA Membership
American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Berlin/Podiatric Pathology Laboratories
Merz North America
Ortho Dermatologics

Centurion - $100,000

Dr. S.W. and Janelle Balkin Endowment*
Anthony J. Gatti, DPM
Janet and Bruce R. Lawrence, DPM
David A. Stone, DPM, Memorial/Region Nine
J. Edward Stricker, DPM, Memorial
Turchin Fund/Region Eight/Mid-Atlantic Podiatry Conference

Pioneer - $50,000

American Association for Women Podiatrists
American Podiatric Medical Writers Association
APMA Auxiliary/Antoinette Alfidi Memorial
Dr. and Mrs. Barry H. Block
Dr. Scholl’s
Martin Stoller, DPM, Memorial/Illinois Podiatric Medical Association
Talar Medical
Wisconsin Legacy: In Honor of Drs. Kevin Kortsch, James Boudreau, and Ian Furness

Partner - $25,000

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Amarantos
Bako Diagnostics
Balkin Family Trust*
Stephen Barrett, DPM
Steven J. Berlin, DPM
Lawrence D. Block, DPM
California College of Podiatric Medicine Class of 1983
Thomas F. Connolly, DPM, Memorial
Dermik Laboratories, Inc.
Foot & Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic, LLC
Dennis R. Frisch, DPM/Hunsaker Memorial
Craig M. Gastwirth, DPM, Memorial
Glenn B. Gastwirth, DPM
Julie and Robert Hilkemann, DPM
Clinton G. Hubbard, DDS, Memorial
Inova Fairfax Hospital Podiatric Residency Program/Art Coster, DPM, Memorial
Jondelle B. Jenkins, DPM
Irvin O. Kanat, DPM, Memorial 
Earl G. Kaplan, DPM/Civic-Kern Hospital Memorial
Marlene and Nicholas G. Kayal, DPM
Laura Novak and Michael King, DPM
David L. Kraus Memorial
Linda Lazarus
Lepow Podiatric Medical Associates
Michael Marino, DPM
Michigan Podiatric Medical Association
Moore Medical Corporation
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
New York State Podiatric Medical Association
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Orange County Podiatric Medical Association
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
Bernard S. Paul, DPM, Memorial/Arkansas Podiatric Medical Association
Chris and Gloria Robertozzi Memorial
Lanny Rubin, DPM
Marvin W. Shapiro, DPM, Memorial
Joyce and Lloyd Smith, DPM
Spenco Medical by Implus
S.S.R. Memorial
Raymond J. Suppan, DPM
Michael B. Thompson, DPM
Margaret and Richard Viehe, DPM
Western Division of the Pennsylvania Podiatric Medical Association

* General program endowment benefactor    

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