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The APMA 99th House of Delegates Welcomes Special Guests

March 17, 2019

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The 99th APMA House of Delegates (HOD) meeting convened this weekend in Washington, DC. The delegates heard from several distinguished guests:

Barbara L. McAneny, MD, oncologist/hematologist and president of the American Medical Association (AMA), addressed the house, remarking that AMA is committed to improving medical science by improving medical education. The association is currently focusing its efforts on working with state legislators and insurance companies to remove delays in care for patients, and to remove barriers to care. She struck a tone of unity as she spoke about diabetes care, noting that podiatrists share this common goal and are doing the important work of preventive diabetes care. APMA now has observer status at the AMA House of Delegates.

George Dunn, chair of The College of Podiatry in the United Kingdom, addressed the house, emphasizing that podiatrists worldwide are united by a common purpose. He congratulated delegates for sharing that passion. In the United Kingdom, Dr. Dunn said, as in the US, the increasing levels of disease and reduced student population are ongoing concerns. He commended APMA for its influence. “You’re the models of our profession,” he said, “taking it forward across the nation and around the world. You are key. Bear that responsibility well.”

James Hill, DPM, secretary of the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA), updated the house on the activities of CPMA and discussed the goal of expanding scope of practice for podiatrists in Canada. “Around the world we have an identity problem,” he said, remarking on podiatrists’ collective ability to effect legislative change. “Your successes are a springboard in Canada,” he said of APMA. CPMA is facing the same obstacles in Canada’s Veterans Affairs system as APMA has faced.

Kim J. Hodgson, MD, president-elect of the Society for Vascular Surgery addressed the house, reflecting on the joint goals of APMA and SVS and their collaborative efforts on advocacy and public awareness. “We have so much in common and so much to talk about," he said. He invited APMA members to the 2019 Vascular Annual Meeting, June 12–15, in National Harbor, MD. He thanked APMA for its collaboration and expertise, stating that he looks forward to the opportunity to continue to work with APMA on future endeavors.

Ira P. Monka, DO, trustee of the American Osteopathic Association (AOA), shared his thoughts with the house on collaboration with APMA. He discussed AOA’s current efforts to expand certification opportunities for its students so it is convenient to obtain and more relevant to the diverse needs and expectations of a new generation of students. The DOs are working to ensure students understand their certification options. Dr. Monka expects the profession’s transition to single accreditation will be completed in 2020.

Christian Jerome, president of the International Federation of Podiatrists, was unable to attend the house, but provided a prerecorded address by video. He encouraged the house to visit the FIP website, and encouraged the house to celebrate International Podiatry Day, October 8. The FIP World Congress of Podiatry will take place in Miami, November 14–16. “We need your participation,” he said. “Come share your knowledge. There is always something to learn at such events.”

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