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APMA Announces Member-Exclusive Health Insurance Solutions

September 16, 2019

APMA Health-Care Solutions

Are the costs of health insurance draining your wallet? APMA has a brand new, member-exclusive benefit designed for you. APMA’s health insurance solutions can help cut your practice’s health-care costs by a whopping 15 to 30 percent, and there are options available for practices of any size. 

The APMA health-care solutions include plans for large groups of 15 or more enrollees, as well as small groups with fewer than 15. Multi-state plans are available for practices that have locations in more than one state, and all employees (physicians and other staff) are eligible for coverage. All DPMs covered must be current APMA members. All standard classes of insurance will be offered, including Family, Single, Dependent, and Spouse, and dental and vision coverage will be offered as part of all plans. The plans include wellness programs and materials.

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