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APMA Leadership Addresses NMA Podiatry Section

August 3, 2020

Seth Rubenstein, DPM, portrait

APMA President Seth Rubenstein, DPM addressed the National Medical Association’s (NMA) Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Section during its virtual 2020 Annual Convention July 31­–August 4. According to its website, NMA is “the collective voice of African American physicians and the leading force for parity and justice in medicine and the elimination of disparities in health.”

Dr. Rubenstein also discussed the value of APMA membership, especially during this uncertain time. He shared APMA’s recent advocacy successes with obtaining CARES Act Funds for members as well APMA’s COVID-19 resources. As Dr. Rubenstein stated, “We need national associations to advocate for our members who otherwise lack the knowledge, skills, influence, or time to advocate on their own behalf.”

Dr. Rubenstein congratulated NMA on its 125th anniversary and recognized the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Section leader, his former classmate, Renee Settle-Robinson, DPM. “The podiatry section is fortunate to have such a capable and warm individual as its leader and chief advocate,” Dr. Rubenstein said.

Attendees also heard from APMA Trustee William Long, DPM, who lectured on “Diagnosing Traumatic Acute Compartment Syndrome.” APMA’s Director of Center for Professional Advocacy & Associate Director for Health Policy and Practice Chad Appel, JD, gave a presentation on student loan forgiveness and loan repayment programs available to podiatrists.

Formerly organized as the National Podiatric Medical Association, the Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Section merged with and became a recognized section of NMA in 2017. Learn more at www.nmanet.org.

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