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CMS Releases Updated Benchmarks

February 28, 2022

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CMS released updated 2022 MIPS Quality Measure Benchmarks on February 16. The originally posted benchmarks did not include data from opt-in eligible clinicians and groups that elected to opt-in to MIPS. CMS updated the benchmarks to include their data, which resulted in the creation of historical benchmarks for some QCDR measures (AAO16, AAO20, CDR2, CDR6, and UREQA1). In addition to these newly created benchmarks, some decile ranges shifted for existing benchmarks. Most changes to decile ranges were minor.

What are Quality Measure Benchmarks?

When a clinician submits measures for the MIPS Quality Performance Category, each measure is assessed against its benchmarks to determine how many points the measure earns. A clinician can receive anywhere from three to 10 points for each measure (not including any bonus points). Benchmarks are specific to the type of submission mechanism.

APMA has updated the benchmarks for podiatric physician-recommended measures at If you have any questions related to the APMA MIPS App or the 2022 MIPS Performance Year, contact APMA at

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