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APMA Urges New Audience to Seek Diabetes Care

November 7, 2022

It's Time 2022 campaign logo

This November, APMA marked Diabetes Awareness Month with an expansion of the 'It’s Time' campaign launched in 2021. The original campaign encouraged Hispanic men with diabetes to take steps to manage their blood sugar, be alert to changes in their feet, and see a podiatrist for regular diabetic foot care. The 2022 version extends those same messages to Asian women, particularly Indian women, urging them to take better care of their diabetes and their feet. Members are encouraged to share the free campaign materials in their communities!

“Asians are 40 percent more likely than non-Hispanic whites to be diagnosed with diabetes,” said APMA President Laura J. Pickard, DPM. “That figure rises to 70 percent among people of Indian descent. Combine that with a tendency to overlook self-care, and Asian women are a population at high risk for serious complications from diabetes.”

The campaign includes a dedicated online hub at www.apma.org/diabetes, suggested social media posts, earned media, and paid advertising. To learn more about the campaign and take advantage of the materials (which are available year-round), visit www.apma.org/diabetes.

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