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Insights from APMA's Licensing Board Consolidation Summit

March 4, 2024

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Last week, the APMA Center for Professional Advocacy (CPA) held its second Mini Summit, “Licensing Board Consolidation: Pros and Cons.” The CPA Mini Summit Series was created to give component and association leadership smaller, more-focused virtual opportunities for collaboration and discussion during the year. The most recent summit delved into the advantages and disadvantages of both consolidated versus separate and autonomous boards, featuring perspectives from the following states and the Federation of Podiatric Medical Boards (FPMB):

  • Lisa Cornelius, DPM, Oregon Podiatric Medical Association (OPMA)
  • Mike St. Clair, lobbyist, Iowa Podiatric Medical Society (IPMS)
  • Reid Christie, DPM, president, New Hampshire Podiatric Medical Association (NHPMA)
  • Mike Mathy, CAE, executive director, Ohio Foot and Ankle Medical Association (OHFAMA)
  • Joel Morse, DPM, president-elect, District of Columbia Podiatric Medical Association (DCPMA)
  • Janet Simon, DPM, executive director, New Mexico Podiatric Medical Association (NMPMA)
  • Russell Stoner, CAE, executive director, FPMB

The initial panel featured IPMS, NHPMA, and DCPMA, which most recently have fought or are still fighting to keep their respective state boards of podiatry separate and autonomous. The panel participants discussed what strategies were most effective in advocating for autonomy for the podiatry board, including utilizing APMA support for drafting letters, meeting with key legislators, and attending council meetings.

The second panel highlighted experiences OPMA, NMPMA, and OHFAMA, all of which have consolidated boards in their respective states. Dr. Cornelius shared her success story from OPMA, demonstrating how she not only secured a position on the medical board but also became its chair, positively impacting the perception of podiatrists within the profession. Speakers also emphasized key factors for successful board consolidation, such as ensuring equitable representation, full voting rights, and leadership positions for podiatrists.

The last presenter, Russell Stoner, outlined the FPMB’s resources and support available for states navigating board consolidation, regardless of their stance on consolidation. The event concluded with an open discussion session where participants engaged directly with presenters and peers, addressing any lingering questions or concerns.

The Mini Summit on Licensing Board Consolidation provided a valuable platform for professionals to exchange knowledge, address challenges, and explore strategies amidst the growing trend of board consolidation nationwide. Members can access all presentations, supplementary materials, and past mini summits at For any questions regarding this mini summit, please contact CPA staff at

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